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Alongside the audit and implementation processes, an important element of what we offer is customer service: supporting customer incentive and rebate plans, educating consumers to successfully manage their energy improvement plans, providing call center support to address questions and concerns, and helping meet our clients’ program requirements and goals of engaging end users in awareness and program participation.

Consumer Education and Support

Direct face to face education increases awareness of energy efficiency programs and adds another channel to the enrollment strategy.  Our professional canvassers clearly portray the benefits of an energy efficiency program to the end consumer.  In addition, Thorpe Energy Services builds community relationships to reach large groups by creating outreach programs that reward non-profits for enrolling members of their organization.

Along with canvassing and community outreach services, we utilize our call center support team to provide inbound and outbound contacts for:

  • Scheduling appointments for audits and installations
  • Technical support and training to our field team
  • Participant recruitment and Community Outreach prospecting
  • Customer service, Satisfaction and Quality Assurance calls

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Marketing and Outreach

We understand how important it is to our clients that we reach all affected customers and stakeholders.   As our clients’ representative, we strive to get the message to the maximum number of individuals in the target area.   We structure our points of contact after applying a thorough market analysis, considering constituency of customer target groups, geographical pattern and proximity, housing structure (multi- or single-family), and other significant identifying characteristics.   We determine the best possible means of maximizing contact with the target group, and we strategize a marketing plan to include conventional marketing tools combined with current trends: community outreach; direct marketing; canvassing; multi-media; email blasts; social networking; message boards; and direct contact with community-based organizations and interest groups.   We want to help our clients establish partnerships with key players and stakeholders to share their message.