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Businesses, institutions, residential agencies and organizations benefit from reducing energy consumption to improve bottom line operation costs. Thorpe Energy Services provides large and small consumers with consultation services and makes recommendations regarding programs specific to their size and output capacity. Commercial energy audits will accurately determine how businesses can reduce their energy consumption, remediate losses, and save on energy costs. We integrate the delivery of services with incentive-based utility consumer plans where applicable.

Businesses with multiple locations and franchises can access advantageous multi-site operations plans, as we can work with national organizations and business owners to offer group services. Thorpe Energy Servies works with organizations, associations and affiliates in offering group programs that help support participation in utility programs and services.

Energy Efficiency Programs and Planning

Thorpe Energy Services experts work with gas and electric utility companies and commercial entities to tailor energy management plans, provide implementation and oversight and offer quality assurance to apply to complex systems with the goals of improving energy productivity and lowering costs. Our team of energy efficiency professionals provides consultations, tracks usage trends and formulates individualized solutions for these groups as well as for small business entities and institutions, such as schools, hospitals, libraries and other public entities.  We work with utility consumer savings programs and appliance energy efficiency rating plans to implement energy saving measures that ensure consumer confidence and savings.

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Program Design and Management

From conceptualization, to implementation to quality assurance, we establish benchmarks, meet performance goals, and achieve metrics in timely, professional manner employing best practices and industry standards.

Technical Support

We assemble teams to include highly qualified and nationally certified experts who coordinate engineering and technical support to fulfill desired program outcomes.   Thorpe Energy Services is a certified BPI® Testing Center.


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With key industry entities, we work together to maximize deliverable results and improve energy efficiency and usage in programs that impact end consumers and demand side clients.

Direct Installation

Based on thorough analysis of our findings, our highly trained and nationally certified staff  execute the plan by directly installing as appropriate cost effective, energy saving devices and equipment, completing retrofits and improvements to property and equipment for long term loss reduction and efficient energy usage.